CEO, Strategic Community Intervention 

Expertise: Urban Planning and Policy; Citizen Participation; Program Design and Evaluation



  • Founder and CEO, Strategic Community Intervention LLC, Rochester NY
  • Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Urban Studies, Rochester Institute of Technology (2006-2013)
  • 64TH Mayor of Rochester (1994-2005)
  • President and CEO, Urban League of Rochester NY (1972-1993)


William A. Johnson, Jr. brings a rare and unique combination of skills and experiences to the field of community strategic planning and intervention. He has been a tenured college professor, the Mayor of one of the 100 largest cities in the U.S., and the CEO of a major not-for-profit human services provider.

For 13 years, he was a tenured professor of public policy and political science in Flint Michigan and Rochester NY. For 12 years he was the elected Mayor and chief administrative officer of Rochester NY. For 21 years, he served as the President and CEO of the Urban League of Rochester, and for nearly two years preceding that, he was the Deputy Executive Director of the Urban League of Flint. His professional career spans a period of 47 years.

He was certified as a mediator and fact-finder by the New York Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) in 1985, and he has used that training and skills throughout his professional career.

In founding Strategic Community Intervention LLC, Bill Johnson has inculcated, as corporate values, the personal skills and values which have been the keystones of his long career: innovation, teamwork, efficiency, effectiveness and integrity. He has created many programs that led to immediate and sustainable results. His inclusive management style has engaged talented young professionals, many who have gone on to outstanding career accomplishments. He has always been focused on the bottom line, which has led to cost-effective and within-budget innovative programs.

Most importantly, in more than 35 years in highly visible public positions, no scandal has ever been associated with him or any entity that he managed. He has been responsible for billions of dollars in government and charitable funding, with all of it being publicly audited and accounted for. Neither he nor any of his top managers have ever been charged with a crime or a violation of the public trust.

This is important in today’s environment, when dollars are scarce and the public rightly questions whether people can produce what they promise. When you engage SCI, you can be assured of getting the highest results at the most effective cost. Bill Johnson and his associates will attend to your business just like it is their own. MORE