lovelyMayor Lovely Warren, City of RochesterMy team and I were very pleased with the work done by SCI to help facilitate a smooth transition to my new administration.  From gathering stakeholder input to producing a nuanced report -- the work was thorough, professional and uniformly excellent.  I give them my highest recommendation.

andrewthomasAndrew Thomas, Senior Project Manager, Office of the City Manager, Sanford FloridaDuring the past two years in my capacity as Senior Project Manager for the City of Sanford, I called upon Former Rochester New York Mayor Bill Johnson and SCI on several occasions to discuss intervention strategies as the City of Sanford worked through the challenges of reuniting a divided community caused by the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Bill, is exceptionally knowledgeable about the fundamentals of collaboration, capacity building and intervention strategies when it comes to building sustainable communities. Over the past twenty plus years that I have worked with Bill in his various capacities; CEO of the Urban League, Mayor of Rochester NY, Professor of Political Science and consultant, he has consistently bridged differences that improved interpersonal relationships and promoted diversity and inclusion.

johnjacobJohn Jacob, Former President and CEO (1982-1994), National Urban LeagueDuring nearly 25 years of service to the Urban League movement, Bill Johnson demonstrated a keen grasp of major urban policy issues, and our regional and national offices frequently called upon him to share his analyses and strategies with our affiliates across the nation. This was most apparent in the design and implementation of innovative strategies to reform the Rochester public schools. Those concepts were modeled in other communities. Bill has consistently demonstrated the ability to translate ideas to action.

brucekingmanBruce Kingma, Associate Provost for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Syracuse UniversityWilliam Johnson helped Syracuse University do a re-start on the South Side Innovation Center. His consultation was essential in our need to take a fresh look at one of our entrepreneurial programs that was in need of a rejuvenation.

albertsimoneAlbert J. Simone, Ph.D, President-Emeritus, Rochester Institute of TechnologyI have known Bill for 22 years. We had lunch soon after I moved to Rochester in 1992 to assume the Presidency of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Ever since that luncheon, I have been a strong fan and supporter. I was, at that first meeting and ever since, impressed with his insight into the people and issues of the inner city and the surrounding communities. Bill is a deep and sensitive thinker who is able to examine the human dimensions of complex organizational and institutional issues. He is action oriented and unafraid to lead bold, innovative, and sometimes risky initiatives. He stays the course. As a consequence, his 21 years as President of the Urban League of Rochester and 12 years as Mayor of Rochester are marked with many important achievements which have made a strong difference in the quality of life of City residents and the City itself. Not every initiative met with success, but even in these instances, valuable lessons were learned, along the way, which were of benefit to his constituencies. I was able to persuade Bill that, rather than pursue a fourth term as Mayor, he should join the Rochester Institute of Technology. I believed that his practical experience in initiating change, through government and the political process, to the constituents of the inner city and beyond would bring an important complement to the more academically oriented endeavors of a typical university curriculum. I was most pleased when he accepted a tenured position as Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Urban Studies within the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. I was not disappointed. Bill productively and successfully brought his special experience-based perspective to the classroom and to his students and faculty colleagues. Bill decided to conclude his time as university professor when his desire for reflection and teaching gave way to his desire to once again directly enter the arena of pragmatic decision-making and organizational change. Thus, I am most pleased to see him emerge in his fourth career, this time as an experienced and valued consultant. I know he will bring success to emerging clients.