David Dey, M.S.

Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship, Citizen Engagement, Access to Technology for Citizen Planning



  • Founder and CEO, Institute for Social Entrepreneurship, Rochester, NY
  • Assistant Director, Planning Bureau, City of Rochester


David Dey is the president and CEO of the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship, and an expert in community, economic development and citizens engage processes. David has more than 20 years of experience working with communities.  David was an Assistant Bureau Director for the city of Rochester, NY where he provided leadership and oversight to the Planning Bureau. David oversaw the citizen engagement process and was responsible for developing several technology initiatives that provided citizens with access to technology and cutting-edge planning tools such as GIS, real-time neighborhood action plans and neighborhood networks.

Since 2002, he has launched his own institute that consults with individuals and communities.  The Institute conducts research, designs and implements initiatives and programs that train individuals and promote Social Entrepreneurship.  David is one of the nation’s foremost experts in research and application of Social Entrepreneurship and citizen engagement processes. MORE