Raul Martinez, M.S.M.

Expertise: Law Enforcement Operations, Municipal Operations, Medicare Fraud



  • Chief of Police, Miami Florida Police Department (2000-03)
  • Assistant City Manager, City of Miami (1998-2000)
  • Miami Police Department, Various Positions (1974-1998)
  • Consultant, (2003-Present)


Raul Martinez has more than 29 years of law enforcement experience with the Miami Police Department. The last three years he held the position of Chief of Police for this major metropolitan area. He held numerous key managerial and investigative roles with distinction, and he taught many courses and conducted assessments of police forces around the globe through a U.S. State Department Program. For almost two years, he also held the position of Assistant City Manager in charge of all city operations, overseeing various key departments such as Public Works, Solid Waste, Parks and Recreation, etc.

As Chief of Police he successfully implemented strategies which led to major crime reductions, enhanced community relations as well as implemented stricter controls on officer’s use of force. Chief Martinez retired in January 2003.

After his retirement, for nine years he managed a federal contract investigating Medicare Fraud in the State of Florida and Puerto Rico. This assignment saved more than two billion dollars from the Medicare Trust Fund being billed by abusive or fraudulent providers.

He is fluent in the Spanish language.  MORE