STRATEGIC COMMUNITY INTERVENTION LLC (SCI) was founded by former Rochester NY Mayor Bill Johnson as a global consulting practice that specializes in using collaborative decision-making to mobilize people from diverse backgrounds and interests, to produce positive outcomes and sustainable results. 

In forming SCI, he has recruited a cadre of equally distinguished and accomplished individuals as independent contractors to work on a project-by-project basic. These associates have many decades of professional experience, enabling us to deploy the right combination of experts to address situations that they have personally experienced and helped to resolve. Every member of the SCI team has been a leader in her or his profession. We are able to assist you because we have walked in your shoes. 

Read Our Testimonials:

Mayor Lovely Warren, City of RochesterMy team and I were very pleased with the work done by SCI to help facilitate a smooth transition to my new administration.  From gathering stakeholder input to producing a nuanced report -- the work was thorough, professional and uniformly excellent.  I give them my highest recommendation.

Andrew Thomas, Senior Project Manager, Office of the City Manager, Sanford FloridaDuring the past two years in my capacity as Senior Project Manager for the City of Sanford, I called upon Former Rochester New York Mayor Bill Johnson and SCI on several occasions to discuss intervention strategies as the City of Sanford worked through the challenges of reuniting a divided community caused by the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Bill, is exceptionally knowledgeable about the fundamentals of collaboration, capacity building and intervention strategies when it comes to building sustainable communities. Over the past twenty plus years that I have worked with Bill in his various capacities; CEO of the Urban League, Mayor of Rochester NY, Professor of Political Science and consultant, he has consistently bridged differences that improved interpersonal relationships and promoted diversity and inclusion.