Vincent J. Carfagna, MPA

Expertise: Municipal Finance, Municipal Operations, Fiscal Strategic Planning



  • Former Chief Fiscal Officer, City of Rochester
  • Former Chief Fiscal Officer, Rochester City School District


Vincent J. Carfagna, MPA, has over 30 years’ experience in government and is knowledgeable in financial matters, sound fiscal management practice and procedures, tax policies, preparation of operating and capital budgets, issuance of debt obligations, debt structuring, preparation of official statements, and structuring financial presentations to credit agencies. He was the chief fiscal officer for the City of Rochester NY for over 28 years.

Further, he is knowledgeable in investment opportunities, means of increasing tax collection, establishing self-insurance programs, overseeing and managing reassessment projects, and consolidation of services among political subdivisions all within the requirements of insuring sound fiscal management practices and controls within the governing organizations.  Mr. Carfagna also possesses extensive knowledge of assessment procedures, accounting practice, procurement or purchasing activities and systems designs to ensure financial controls and reporting. MORE