SCI Citizen Engagement Associates


Strategic Community Intervention LLC (SCI) provides the tools and processes to “build stronger communities”, by engaging all sectors of the community in community revitalization initiatives. We believe that these plans, programs and initiatives are unlikely to fully meet community needs without the active participation of well-informed and empowered individuals, community groups, businesses, academic institutions and government.

Total inclusiveness is the key to successful outcomes. Effective decision making depends on understanding and properly addressing the needs of different population groups. Experience has shown that the “traditionally excluded” community members can be meaningfully included in visioning, design and implementation of major initiatives without excluding the “traditionally included”. Empowerment must be a conviction, and not merely a catchword.

Every community is unique, and every group has unique needs. SCI’s approach to citizen participation is comprehensive, inclusive, and context sensitive. We listen to and work with stakeholders to strengthen or create community-based partnerships; avoid, minimize or mitigate negative impacts; and leverage resources to achieve a common vision for communities.

8 SCI Associates have had extensive experience in designing and implementing public engagement plans and processes that:

  • Ensure compliance with Title VI and Environmental Justice principles in planning activities and NEPA processes.
  • Ensure the full and fair participation of all potentially affected individuals and groups.

While our backgrounds are suited for communities of all sizes, we are especially qualified to work with medium and small cities, because of the unique challenges they face; and the immediate impact that a set of well-targeted strategies can achieve in communities of this size.

When a community or organization engages our services, SCI will employ the following approach:

  • Looks beyond traditional data sources
  • Is sensitive to local and political issues
  • Does the legwork to understand a community’s values, perspective and preferences
  • Closely coordinates with jurisdictional agencies and knowledgeable individuals and organizations on difficult issues
  • Uses appropriate and extensive public outreach to communicate impacts and benefits, and to gather feedback
  • Conducts meetings for maximum participation
  • Maintains a consistent face for a project
  • Builds trust through a consistent message
  • Develops a community team that is empowered to carry the  initiative from design to sustainable implementation.