SCI Strategic Repositioning Associates

Strategic Community Intervention (SCI) provides the tools and processes to “build stronger institutional leadership”, by working with not-for-profit agencies, universities and other educational institutions, and other public sector organizations on specific projects and initiatives that involve strategic planning and redesign. 

Each of the 9 SCI Associates who practice in this area have had extensive experience in strategic planning, organizational development and risk management. Two of our Associates have had long and distinguished careers with Fortune 500 companies, four have been exceptional leaders of not-for-profit organizations, three have extensive experience inside of local and federal government organizations, and one has consulted extensively with governmental and not-for-profit organizations.

While our professional backgrounds represent a wide array of operational experiences, including the areas of visioning, program design, management, fiscal oversight and evaluation, our services are better utilized by an organization or leader preparing to undertake an important decision or strategy where an objective, third-party assessment is essential. Our role is to assist the client to take the most beneficial approach that results in acceptable and sustainable outcomes, and most especially, to avoid taking the actions which will greatly damage or permanently impair the desired success. We do not impose our own solution; the solution is ordained by the unique circumstances in which the client operates. We engage the client in an analytical process that examines every option to insure that the appropriate action is settled upon.

In some situations, legal advice is sought to minimize liability exposure. Something that is legal is not always the right course. Others seek to employ a strategy of analytics, which systematically calculates all known data, in order to reduce the probability of pursuing a wrong course. Abstract data cannot always account for human factors. Public relations experts can be engaged to put the best possible case on a bad situation, without considering some situations should be avoided at all costs.

SCI provides experienced managers who can effectively counsel with the client, because they have dealt with similar situations in their own careers. We can offer reasoned, unbiased and unfettered advice. If we have no Associate who has dealt with your type of situation, we will simply not take your case. 

In addition to our organizational work, SCI will offer a very limited practice in political campaign strategic planning. Two of our Associates have had extensive experience in political campaigning, and in designing innovative platforms and initiatives from which to launch successful candidacies.

We will provide specific services to a select-few first time political candidates who seek to be transformational leaders for their communities. These services will be distinctively tailored to fit the unique skills of the candidates and the communities they seek to serve.