SCI Completes Transition Reports for Incoming Mayor

SCI concluded a seven weeks engagement at the end of December 2013, for the administration of incoming Mayor Lovely A. Warren. Two separate reports were completed:

  • “ Summary and Analysis: City of Rochester Departmental Reports” was an analysis of major projects uncompleted by outgoing administration that would need to be addressed during the first six months;
  •  Mayoral Transition Process: Public Engagement Report” Identified levels of public support, as well areas of citizen concern, for the major priorities which Mayor Warren identified during the election campaign.

SCI Associates Vincent CarfagnaTony Favro and Bruce Fisher,  conducted the departmental analyses. This involved reviewing voluminous written documents from each operating department, as well as interviews with the outgoing Mayor and his department heads. CEO Bill Johnson and his team provided on-going briefings to Mayor Warren and her team, as often as necessary, to insure that their important decisions could be shaped as soon as she took office.

Favro also designed a unique process of gathering important public input for the Mayor-elect.  The six major areas which constituted the basis of her campaign were discussed in concurrent Focus Group sessions on a Saturday morning. Citizens representing diverse community interests were carefully selected for participation. At  the conclusion of the Focus Groups, their input was able to be accessed via the Internet by any citizen in the community during a five day comment period. All of these comments were reported to the new administration, to also factor into their decision-making. SCI Associates Carmen ColemanDavid Dey, Edward Doherty and Dr. John Klofas were among the six focus group leaders.

As a former Mayor, and participant in transition activities for several newly elected officials, Johnson’s experiences were an integral part of the design and implementation of this engagement, as were those of the team he selected. Each member has significant municipal government experiences.

The reports were well received. Mayor Warren called them “thorough, professional and uniformly excellent”, and of tremendously helpful to “the smooth transition” from the Richards administration to hers.

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