John Klofas, Ph.D

Expertise: Criminal Justice Policy, Community Violence Reduction, Community-Oriented Policing



  • Professor, and former Chair, Criminal Justice, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Director, Center for Public Safety Initiatives
  • Consultant to Local and State Governments on Policing and Violence Reduction


Dr. John Klofas has extensive experience with criminal justice organizations and management.  He has worked with local criminal justice systems, including police departments, around the country in developing and implementing crime and violence reduction efforts. 

In Rochester, New York he has served as the research partner to the local criminal justice system in projects covering over 15 years.  He has also worked extensively with police departments in organization change efforts associated with consent degrees.  Dr. Klofas has published widely on organizational issues in criminal justice and has coauthored and edited significant books in this area.

Dr. Klofas is professor, and former department chairman, of Criminal Justice at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he also directs a research center focused on the use of locally relevant research for the improvement of criminal justice practices and processes.  Dr. Klofas combines practical experience and research expertise in skills areas that are focused on organizational analysis, assessment and change in public safety.  MORE